Disassembled design is a design approach that aims to integrate products with each other even if their materials, dimensions and accessories change. As Mir Arena, it is one of our priorities to design our product groups such as stadium seats, VIP, protocol and box seats in disassembled form. This design approach has many benefits.

First, the demountable design provides standards for packaging products, enabling them to take up less space in shipments and lower shipping costs. Standardizing the products in the disassembled design process, making them suitable for quick installation saves time and labor during assembly. In this way, it is possible to combine different products, transform them and make additions and changes according to the needs that may arise in the future.

The disassembled design also provides advantages in the production of stadium seats. The fact that the products are composed of different standardized parts facilitates the installation and mass production of the products. This also makes maintenance and repair of stadium seats easier. Replacing stadium seats with a disassembled design or making add-ons is also much easier and faster.

Another benefit of the demounted design is that it contributes to the integration of products. The demounted design allows different products to be put together. In this way, the use of products with demountable design offers economical and flexible solutions in projects where spectator seats such as stadium seats, sports complexes, conference halls are used in large numbers.

Another benefit of the disassembled design is that it extends the life of the products. It ensures that the products can be used for a longer period of time by replacing the parts. Thus, it offers an easier use for users.

Another important benefit of the demountable design is that it is environmentally friendly. The products take up less space, use less packaging materials, and lower shipping costs reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, less waste is produced as the life of the products can be extended thanks to the demountable design.

As Mir Arena, we aim to present our products to our customers in an economical, flexible and environmentally friendly way by adopting a demountable design approach. Thanks to the demountable design of our products, we provide our customers with ease of installation and use, while at the same time aiming to reduce our impact on the environment.

One of the advantages of the demounted design is that it also creates an important security element in large structures such as stadiums and crowded places. Products with a demountable design can be easily disassembled in emergencies such as fire and earthquake and help people to evacuate safely.

In addition, the disassembled design makes it easier to replace or renew the products. For example, it may be possible to replace only damaged parts for stadium seats. This both reduces costs and extends the life of the products.

As Mir Arena, we offer demounted design options for both our standard products and our special design products. Thus, we can customize the products according to the project needs and have the option to use them in different venues. In addition, thanks to the flexibility offered by the demounted design, it offers easy transportation when the usage areas of the products are changed.

The disassembled design approach also provides many advantages in the design and production processes of the products. While offering economical and flexible solutions in terms of both production and use, it also enables an environmentally friendly approach.

As a result, demountable design provides many advantages in the production, transportation, assembly and maintenance processes of products. It offers an economical and flexible solution for both producers and consumers. In addition, having an environmentally friendly approach is important for sustainability. As Mir Arena, we adopt a demountable design approach to provide the best service in our projects, and in this way, we offer flexible, economical and quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

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