MOD-401 Substitute Chair

Mod-4 series substitute player seats are designed for use in the YDK series substitute player benches. Mod-4 series substitute player seats are manufactured according to the specifications for indoor or outdoor use. Mod-4 series are highly resistant to hooliganism in accordance with the EN 12727-3 standard thanks to the high technology used in the production of substitute player seats. Mod-4 series is a high-strength substitute player seat series that meets the requirements of FIFA, UEFA and other international sports federations. Mod-4 series substitute player seats aim to provide a comfortable experience to the users thanks to their ergonomic structure.

Mod-401 is designed to be used in substitute player benches or units thanks to its ergonomic and robust structure. Mod-401 substitute player seat has a monoblock sponge structure. Polyurethane sponge structure and furnishings on metal frame are manufactured with non-combustibility additives. 4 mm lamination is applied to the furnishings used in Mod-401 substitute player seat. The furnishing area on the back font allows logo and advertising applications. The furnishing used in the seats is manufactured with additives resistant to UV, abrasion, chlorine and combustion. Mod-401 substitute player seat is mounted on metal stand. The stand on which the seat will be mounted is arranged according to demand. Thanks to the monoblock structure of the seat and its metal bottom chest, it allows the use of seat heating systems in the seats.

Technical Detail

- Seating and backrest units of the seats are 50+-10% density polyurethane filling sponge on metal frame.

- It is in compliance with the EN FMV SS 302 standard with non-combustibility additive.

- It is highly resistant to hooliganism in accordance with EN ISO 12727 standard.

- Artificial leathers used in furnishings are manufactured with additives that provide high resistance against salt, UV rays, fire and chlorine.

- Artificial leathers used in furnishings are covered with non-combustible 4 mm lamination.

- There is a metal stand under the seats.

- The backs of the seats are suitable for logo and advertisement embroidery application.

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