MOD-T-101 Upholstered Telescopic Stadium Seat

Mod-T-101 stadium seat provides fast assembly and production possibilities with its feature of being directly attached to the step. Thanks to its manual opening-closing mechanism, the Mod-T-101 stadium seat is maintenance-free throughout its lifetime.

Cast polyurethane sponge is used in the seat and back font of the seats and there is a metal skeleton inside. The polyurethane and upholstery used are produced with non-flammability additives. 4mm lamination is applied to the upholstery used in the Mod-T-101 stadium seat. The floor area on the back font allows for logo and advertisement applications. The upholstery used in the seats is produced with additives that are resistant to UV, abrasion, chlorine and burning. The numbering area on the seat back font allows users to find their places more easily and quickly. Thanks to the thin structure of the seat, it is possible to relieve the circulation on the steps and increase the capacity.

Technical Detail

- Artificial leathers used in furnishings are manufactured with additives that provide high resistance against salt, UV rays, fire and chlorine.

- Compliance with the EN FMV SS 302 with non-combustibility additive.

- The metal parts of the seats are designed and manufactured from 6 mm one-piece sheet metal without welding, by laser cutting and bending in press molds.

- 50+- 10% density polyurethane filling sponge on metal frame. •Corrosion resistant in accordance with EN ISO 9227.

- The highest resistance to hooliganism in accordance with EN ISO 12727-4.

- Artificial leathers used in furnishings are covered with non-combustible 4 mm lamination.

- The seats have a folding mechanism that works with a manual system.It is suitable for use in both manual and automatic telescopic stands.

- Backrest suitable for logo and advertisement embroidery application.

- Seat numbering area at the top of the backrest is available optionally.

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