VSC-101 Courtside Seat

VSC series courtside seats are products designed for all kinds of use. VSC series courtside seats are manufactured according to the specifications for indoor or outdoor use. The VSC series is a high-strength courtside seat series that meets the requirements of FIBA, FIFA, UEFA and other international sports federations. VSC series courtside seats aim to provide a comfortable experience to users thanks to their ergonomic structure.

VSC-101 courtside seat is easily portable and has an integrated system. Thanks to the seat and back metal frame of the chair, it is highly resistant to hooliganism. Requested applications can be made in the logo and advertising area on the back of the seat. During use, the seats are connected to each other with the seat on both sides to increase safety. This ensures integration of seats throughout the row. Once used, the seats can be separated from each other and moved out of the field.

Technical Detail

  • The seat and back unit of the seats is 45+- 10% density polyurethane sponge on a metal frame.
  • Sponge has fireproofing additives in accordance with EN FMV SS 302 standard.
  • Complies with EN 16139 standard.
  • Artificial leather used in upholstery is produced with additives that provide high resistance to salt, UV, fire and chlorine.
  • Complies with EN 1021-1 and EN 1021-2 non-flammability criteria.
  • The artificial leather used in the upholstery is coated with flame retardant 4 mm lamination.
  • The seat legs will be made of 15x30x1.5mm oval profile, the intermediate posts will be made of 16x2mm round profile, and the seat fastening posts will be made of 10x20x1.5mm box profile and all are chrome plated.
  • The backs of the seats are suitable for logo and advertisement embroidery application.
  • Seat numbering area is available optionally.
  • There are no armrests in the seats.
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