YDK Subtitute Player Benches

YDK series substitute player benches are manufactured for use in stadiums. The YDK series is a high-strength bench series that meets the requirements of FIFA, UEFA and other international sports federations. YDK series substitute player benches have a modular structure that can be arranged according to different capacities and placement types.

Electrostatic powder coating suitable for the outdoors is applied to the metal construction of the YDK series substitute player benches manufactured as modular. The film-coated transparent polycarbonate area used on the back of the benches and the transparent solid area used in the side closures of the benches allow logo and advertisement applications. The round tube profile in the front area of the benches is covered with furnishings over sponge and offers a stylish appearance. In addition to the possibility of mounting on a concrete structure or metal construction, the benches can also be designed to be connected directly to the floor.

Technical Detail

- It is manufactured modularly.

- Metal construction is electrostatic powder coated.

- A single layer of 10 mm transparent polycarbonate is used in the back section of the benches.

- A single layer of 5 mm transparent solid is used on the side section of the benches.

- Polycarbonate and solid sheets used in benches are suitable for advertising and logo works.

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