GADS-101 Safe Standing System

The GADS-101 is designed for supporters to stand safely during the match. Thanks to its robust and compact structure, it allows capacity increase in the area where it is used. While the safe standing systems are offered for closed use during the match, they are designed to allow the use of spectators by opening them in different events. Although it differs according to the local legislation of the countries, GADS-101 allows capacity increase up to 100% in the area where it will be used. Safe standing systems are manufactured from high-grade quality materials and are designed to meet all safety standards and guidelines.

GADS-101 works with the central locking system, the seats are made open with the master keys of the facility officials. The material and form features of GADS-101 offer the spectator a safe experience area. Optionally, the product is electrostatic paint or hot-dip galvanized coating. When the seat is closed, the numbering area in the seat font allows users to find their places more easily and quickly. Thanks to the thin structure of the seat, it is possible to relieve the circulation on the steps and increase the capacity.

Technical Detail

- The safe standing system was developed for the supporters to stand safely in matches and to sit in international matches.

- It allows to increase the spectator capacity.

- It was approved for use in Turkey and other countries with its thin lines, compact and robust structure.

- Seats with tamper-resistant locking mechanism can be opened when desired with the master key.

- The seat opens automatically when the lock is opened.

- There are decorative holes on the seat and backrest.

- It has easy-to-mount and demount components for maintenance and part replacement.

- Galvanize or electrostatic paint is applied in accordance with EN-1461 standard.

- There are aluminum number labels.

- It is mounted on step fronts / risers.

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